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Think Highly of Yourself

Now Available on AMAZON and Barnes & Noble!!!

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One of the greatest perks of my job is getting feedback and interacting with those who've read my book or watched my Vlogs. If you have any Comments or Questions, I’d love to hear from you! I'm also available for Book Signings, Lectures, Workshops, Speaking Engagements and One-on-One sessions.

About the Author

Keeke is one of NYC's most booked Spokes Models who has represented some of the world's Largest Brands from Nike to Microsoft. But that is not all there is to her. She's talented in the Arts doing Voice Overs and Acting. She's a Linguist who speaks 5 Languages while constantly trying to learn other languages along the way. She's a mentally strong female who has overcome Traumatic events in her early life as well as neglect as a child. Escaping an abusive relationship with no family present to support; she developed an Unbreakable force of Strength which lead her to the ability to read people's energy and intentions very well as she had to do this in efforts to protect her heart from disappointments which she had previously encountered. Due to her life's experiences, she was hastened to become this Independent Young Lady making it in NYC. Now, Keeke Kawaii has become an infectious individual possessing an aura that attracts people from all walks of life and won the Hearts of Many! Keeke's Philosophy and deep internal Desire is to Encourage Everyone despite their background, past experiences. Uplift them from any negative thought despite what they were told by anyone in the past or present. She wants her life to be a blessing to those she encounters!

Get Motivated

My book is geared toward anyone who has been through anything! From abandonment to love, to abuse to regaining strength during the many hardships life throws at you. My goal is to motivate you to think highly of yourself. Whether that's by reading my book, blog, coming to an event, or booking a private session, I am here to inspire self love & self worth!

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